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Using Blobstore with Django

last updated at 2010-11-10 by hudarsono tags:  

To make blobstore works with django is not difficult although its not straight for me. There is a official doc in AppEngine how to use blobstore with webapp. Then I found this post which is quite helpful.

By using that function, we can upload file to blobstore. But then ops, how we serve the file back to client? This is another question that I found during development of MeBlog. Then ...

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Dead Simple Way to Serve Static File in Django for AppEngine

last updated at 2010-11-6 by hudarsono tags:  

There is a usual way for us to serve static file in Django. Well we can do it the same way for AppEngine and it still will works.

One of the usual way to do it is by routing url started with particular param to the place where we put all the static files. Below is the example :

==== ====
urlpatterns = patterns('',
    (r'^resources/(?P<path>.*)$', 'django.views.static.serve ...
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How to secure a function with require login easily in Django on AppEngine

last updated at 2010-11-4 by hudarsono tags:  

Found that in AppEngine there is a quite useful way to secure bunch of function from being accessed by unauthorized user. This is called 'decorator' and symbolized by '@' character. So, in AppEngine, if we use webapp framework, we can just put that @login_required in every function that require login.

In AppEngine Helper for Django, this AppEngine build-in operator doesn't work out of the box. So we have to write ...

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MeBlog Released as Open Source

last updated at 2010-11-16 by hudarsono tags:  

Very glad to announce that today I released MeBlog as open source. Meblog is a python, django and appengine powered blog, written to run in Google AppEngine. The source code optimized to take advantage of AppEngine api.

The blog you are reading now is powered by MeBlog. Below are the screen shoot :

Hope you enjoy! And again, it is free and open source. Feel free to reach me and let ...

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Image Post

last updated at 2010-11-15 by hudarsono tags:  

Hi Guys,

Very interesting day, I just add additional feature for this blog. Now posting an image is avaliable. Take a look on this shoot :

Interesting? For this image feature, we use appengine blobstore to store and serve the image on the blog.


Hello Python

last updated at 2014-10-22 by hudarsono tags:  


This is my first post on my own newly build blogging application. This application made on Django and running on Google AppEngine using AppEngine-Helper.

Will follow up with later with this project. Btw, I am going to release it under GPL open source license. So keep an eyes on it.